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tv   Hugh Hewitt  MSNBC  January 20, 2018 5:00am-5:30am PST

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and that wraps up this hour of msnbc. i'm alex witt. time for hugh hewitt in washington. >> thank you, alex. morning glory, america. i'm hugh hewitt. msnbc is open for business when the federal government isn't thanks to the hashtag schumer shutdown. after almost every republican voted to approve a house bill passed by the house republican majority, almost every senate democrat voted to turn off the government. they shut erred the federal government. what does that mean for the country, for the military, for you? joining me to kick off days of coverage the best and brightest, fairest and most prepared reporters inside the beltway. two of the news organizations best young reporters seung min kim and tim alberto. and courtney kube who covers our
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network and following closely the impact of the schumer shutdown on our army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard, reserved forces, intelligence community. thank you three for being up early after working late. seung min kim, he got it. he was too cool for school young kids who helped president obama's speeches were questioned this last night. why did chuck schumer do this? did his base demand it? >> i think there is considerable pressure from the democratic base for senate democrats to basically go all out in this spending fight to protect these d.r.e.a.m.ers who are in the united states without legal status and whose statuses begin expiring imminently. we have seen the numbers escalate for some time. senator kamala harris, major ally of the left, a presidential
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contender for 2020 was probably the first senate democrat to say she would start opposing this. over the last several months it kind of snowballed as more and more senators after considerable pressure put senate democrats and on the spending fight they voted for this. they got so much blowback for basically citing against d.r.e.a.m.ers. you saw the pressure build the last several weeks as there was no immigration deal in congress and the spending impasse continued. so that's really what you saw here tonight. >> whenever donald trump does something and blames it for doing it for his base, that is the theme for the week. do you think the media will generate this and say this is a schumer shutdown. this is a left wing of the democratic party demand. it seems there is a struggle on twitter as to who is at fault. this is clearly a schumer shutdown, suspect it? >> i think the news reports made it clear that it was most senate
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democrats who did choose to block the spending bill last night. there were a handful of republicans who did so for their own reasons, whether military related, immigration related or other reasons. however, democrats are banking on the fact that voters just look at the dysfunction in washington and say, look, republicans control the white house and both chambers of congress. they should be the one to blame here. we know in the senate everything takes 60 votes. democratic cooperation is almost always needed. there were some republicans who did oppose this bill as well. >> sure. >> but it was mostly democrats here. >> courtney kube, let's talk about the actual impact. let's start very low to the ground and go high. e-1 in the army making 1,600 bucks. he's employed. she's deployed. the spouse runs out of money. they're not going to get paid.
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what happens to the young enlisted man and his spouse when the money stops. what do they do? >> they don't have money. i think back to 2013 when this happened. i was in southwestern afghanistan in late august, early september of 2013 when there was talk the government was going to shut down, which of course it did. this young man was on his first deployment. he said what happens? how do i pay my bills if i don't get paid? so think about that. you have this poor young man. he's out on a nine-month deployment and he's worried about his wife paying his gas bill back home. that is the purest form of the people who will be impacted by this. >> you get commanding officer's wives get calls from young enlisted moms about what to do. and i don't think they have an answer, right? there's no fund to dip into it. when the democrats shut this down, they shut down the lifeline of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine out
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there. does that not give them pause? >> well, i would think that it would. some charities step up. one thing we saw in 2013, a lot of average about a death gratuity. i thought it was an unusual term. when an individual dies in service, doesn't necessarily mean in gatt, they almost immediately get a payment to pay for any kind of immediate needs. they also have the option of traveling to dover if the individual was killed overseas to see the remains return in a dignified transfer ceremony. in 2013, the foundation, a tremendous charity that does a lot of good for families in the military, they stepped in and m continued those payments in the shutdown is. we see groups that will step up as they did with fisher in 2013.
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>> secretary mattis was at hopkins yesterday. he said no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of the u.s. military than the combined impact of the budget control act's defense spending caps and nine of the last 10 years operating under continuing resolutions. that is strong language from the man known as mad dog. do you think anyone heard him on the hill? >> he's not the only one echoing out on the hill. in nine years of continuing resolution it cost the navy $4 billion. that's $4 billion you put in the trash can and set on fire. it's just gone. it's confusing how that works. it has to do with contracting. if you're under a continuing resolution, the military can't necessarily issue contracts they might need for something as simple as bullets, ammunition. so when they're having to back diagnosis fill when they have a need and can't contract for it,
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it will often cost more money down the road. $4 billion at just the department of the navy. >> one last question, courtney. when we were talking with members of the house on my radio show, they were saying they had accepted a one-month deal but only on the condition that the defense spend anything line with the national defense authorization act that passed earlier this year or late last year was actually going to come forward. what's your reporting on the commitments made in the house to finally get defense spending on i think a 20-month cycle or 22-month cycle. >> we have seen the show before so many times where there seems to be a way they will move past this continuous cycle of continuing resolutions, but we have not yet seen that happen. as i said, it has been a decade of the c.r.s. we will see if there is some way to come together and make it work this time. we have not yet seen it happen. >> i'm not sure we can get tim alberta up yet.
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we cannot. can i go back to seung min kim and put up a list of the republicans who voted for this and the democrats to shut down the government last night, seung min kim. we had heidi hide camp, joe manchin, joe donnelly, claire mccaskill and doug jones. what does that tell you? >> this could be a political issue for those members vying for their reelection bids later this year. joe manchin has been saying he is not going to do anything to shut the government down voting for this bill. and with joe manchin you saw that perhaps heidi kite camp and claire mccask ill will go in the corner. and doug jones's vote was interesting. although not too much because he
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campaigned so much in his alabama senate bid on the importance of the chip program. the house passed bill does include six years of funding for the children's health insurance program. it was put up there as a way to lure more democratic votes. in the end it looked like standing firm on the immigration issue and other issues that were kind of part of this global issue dealing with the spending caps was more of a priority for democrats. >> let's take a look at the republican list. poor tim alberta has been kidnapped by the federal shutdown. we still can't find them. these senators voted for the shutdown, jeff flake, lindsey graham, mike lee, rand paul. he said the president will never sign it, the one flake and graham came up with. >> it was actually interesting. senator flake and senator graham came off the floor early this morning to talk about what
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happened on the floor. because if you recall, the vote was open for about two hours with senators kind of fleurying about, talking in these really intense negotiations. of course we asked senators when they got off the floor what happened, what went on. and basically the outlines of this deal that hopefully will kind of start to move the ball again, people agreed instead of the four week funding resolution, let's do it three weeks. it runs out february 8th. and senator flake told us there does seem to be a commitment now from majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring up his legislation with senator graham and four other members of the senate. perhaps a different daca bill, a daca package as well that doesn't necessarily have to be contingent on the president's support. . the sentiment for a lot of senators is we can't wait for donald trump to give us what he wants on immigration because
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there have been so many mixed signals on what he is looking for in an immigration deal. what has held up in those entire discussion, democrats were insistent that they be somehow attached to a mass spending package. that is something mitch mcconnell could not agree to because, in his point of view, is and he's correct, he can't bind the house to anything like that. >> yeah. stay right there. we'll be right back. we'll find tim alberta hopefully and continue the schumer shutdown in its early hours. how long will it go? i'll be right back. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. say what up, rocco. ♪
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msnbc. joined this morning by capitol hill reporter seung min kim. we had tim alberta but i think the flu got him. and we have courtney kube. ted cruz became the face of the shutdown in 2013. a lot of people thought it would ruin his career. he ran for president. got down to the final four. does chuck humaner become the face of this, and did he get punked by donald trump yesterday who brought him down to the white house for the big showdown and walked out of there branded as the guy who shut the government down? >> clearly republicans are trying to make schumer the face of the shutdown with comments from the white house, from republican lawmakers calling this the schumer shutdown. democrats are trying to turn that right back at republicans and saying this is the trump shutdown. he has never given us a clear direction of what he wants. he controls washington.
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he cannot get bills passed. but it's interesting. you raise the 2013 impact. there was a lot of concern at the time that the 16-day shutdown would severely damage the republicans's prospects electorally in the midterms. we saw that. that was far from the case. the republicans picked up nine seats to control the chamber. mitch mcconnell became the leader. it is hard to see the impact over time. but in the immediate future, that's what we are seeing so much of now, making sure who gets the blame game and the public eye on the media. that ultimately made determine who caves or gives in a little bit to get the government to reopen again. >> courtney kube, i want to make sure people know we know what's being shutdown. people aren't getting paid in the military. but the military is still on the wall. the navy is still sailing and the air force is still flying. the essential operations of the
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pentagon are ongoing despite the fact that the senate can't get its act together? >> the essential operations are ongoing. that includes security, counterterror. the troops overseas in harm's way. the one thing we will see if this is to continue on for a matter of days or longer, secretary of defense jim mat his is a retired general. if there is anyone who is going to continue to make sure that the war fight, the individuals who are forward deployed, that they get everything they need, it's jim mattis. i feel very comfortable of that. where we will see this back home, and other places overseas as well, not necessarily in a combat zone. but this means that training is canceled. maintenance can be canceled if you have civilian maintainers. it is what the military calls the second and third order effects that will have the impact. those individuals who are forward, in afghanistan, in iraq, in syria, in combat zones and africa, they will continue -- secretary mattis and the military will continue to
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make sure those are the ones who have the prioritized assets and resources they need so they can continue to fight and they can continue to be as safe as possible. >> courtney, were it not for the failure of the senate to keep the government open last night we wouldn't be talking about the cia with the biggest mole since the walker case and the fbi biggest compromise since the hanson case. there is a huge sphaoeu py prob the cia. does the shutdown in any way effect that counterintelligence effort, or by extension, the mueller investigation and the russia investigation? does anything get shutdown on the national security side? >> no. well, so, yes and no. those efforts will all continue. there are some support staff that may not be reporting to work on monday. but the main lines of effort will continue. so it actually is -- it's very subjective who is considered
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essential and who is not. but if a commander in the military or if some sort of supervisor in the intelligence services, if they deem they are essential for national security for continuing counterintelligence or counter terror or anything, even security, you know, on a civilian side, tsa will continue. if the support staff are also deemed essential to continue to support the individuals who are fulfilling those missions, they will continue to be at work. but, again, it's more sort of the second and third order effects of that. say, for instance, you are serving in qatar and you need some sort of parts for an aircraft that are flying overseer ya, well, those parts are coming from the u.s. but it is civilians who send those parts. there may be some sort of a delay. while the individuals who are actually fulfilling jobs will continue to be on the job 24/7 not necessarily getting paid while they will continue to be on the job, some of the things
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they will need to fulfill that job may be delayed. that's where we will see those effects. >> the president has been tweeting and he is not at all upset the government is shutdown. he thinks he tagged schumer with the shutdown. and he said he is not going to negotiate on daca even though there is an obvious deal that 80% of the country agree that daca recipients stay. the president will not be pushed into a corner, he said. so what is the exit strategy? how long is this going to go on? who is calculating their benefiting right now? >> that's kind of why you start to see the outlines of this agreement early this morning on -- late last night and early this morning on the senate floor as that exit strategy. it is far from clear whether house republicans and house democrats would go along with it. that's a question we are going to be asking lawmakers later this morning. but i think the fact that the
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president says he will not negotiate on daca, there seems to be a little more clarity on that. does that mean in the context of this bill or whatnot. you were hearing from senators last night they were ready to go ahead and have a vote on some sort of immigration legislation. see what can get 60 votes. let the housework its will and present it to the president. the president said we kind of need to know what the president will sign. they haven't sent is the signs yet. but in the meanwhile, we're -- i think everyone is just kind of wait to go see what the public perception is once they realize the effects of the government shutdown. >> let me get to mike on capitol hill for the latest. mike, thanks for joining us on short notice. a, how do we get out of this? b, are the democrats who are running who are not in the government, like garcetti, are they happy that kamala harris and elizabeth warren jumped off
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the cliff? >> i don't know. i thi i think this is a no-brainer for voting no except for the five that happened to be up for reelection later this year. claire mccaskill, joe manchin. heikcamp was another. when it comes to the politics of this, john tester in montana. montana, a deep a red a state as there is ever going to be. he is a democrat. he is up for reelection this year. he is sticking with the democrats. he's sticking with the base. and i think the calculation is, look, no matter what i do, no matter how i vote, republicans, conservatives, they're going to put somebody up against me who will make a strong appeal to base voters in montana. i stand absolutely no chance of winning them over even if i voted with republicans on this measure last night.
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he did not. he voted with the democratic leadership unlike the democrats from red states. john tester and others look at this and say all the energy is on the side of those on the left, the far left of the spectrum in the democratic party. i'm going to stick with them. they are my pwefpt prospects. that's how the politics are playing out on a micro level here. >> thank you, mike, for capturing the base at the democratic senate. and they won the day. thank you seung min kim and courtney kube. for your heart...
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welcome back. all day long phpbgz will be watching the schumer shutdown. he stepped on a rake yesterday. he walked into the white house and walked right into a trap. he said so much last night he is willing to build a wall. chuck schumer may think he won
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thanks for watching today. keep the conversation going on see you next week saturday morning on msnbc. now to my colleague alex witt. >> all right. a thank you for that, hugh hewitt. have a good saturday. good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt at msnbc word headquarters in new york at precisely the half hour. a live picture of capitol hill where the next half hour congress will begin new efforts to end this government shutdown. there's no clear indication of whether and when both parties will be able to compromise on the spending bill with both sides now hurling accusations a lot each other. house speaker paul ryan calling the shutdown a dangerous political ploy by senate democrats. minority leader nancy pelosi calling republicans in competent and negligent. and here's what


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